The Childrens’ Climate Change Book: Annie and Tilly go on an adventure with a fairy friend of Planet Earth.

This book illustrates an important issue for our planet today, presented in a lively, colourful and constructive way.



“Planet Earth Needs Our Help” began life as my contribution to an art exhibition in October 2015, intended as a legacy for my children and grandchildren. The response from the exhibition inspired me to self-publish this book, which draws on my own curiosity and desire to find out more about our planet, my connections with people who are knowledgeable about climate change, and my experience as an author, artist, well-being practitioner and teacher of infant/juniors. Thank you for your interest and support in this book and for sharing this journey with the twins!

This book…

  • Tells a story about the magical journey of twins Annie and Tilly, after they meet an unhappy fairy in their garden. It calls on its readers to use their imagination, whilst sharing this journey with the twins.
  • Aims to prompt readers (of all ages and reading ability) to value and celebrate our beautiful planet, providing an easy introduction to the complicated and controversial issue of climate change.
  • Seeks to portray the possible impact of our actions on the future health and well-being of the planet and for all who inhabit our planet now and in the future. It ultimately offers a message of hope: that we can still do something to help make a big difference.
  • Is in A4 landscape format and printed on sturdy card with easy-to-read, large text, presenting illustrations and text side by side on facing pages. The text and illustrations are deliberately separated to allow maximum flexibility when reading the words and/or talking about the images. It is pur bound, but can also be available (on request) as a spiral bound book that allows it to be folded @ 360 degrees, so that it can be viewed and read by an individual or shared by small groups.
  • Provides an easy-to-follow, adaptable resource that combines simple scientific facts with an engaging, colourful and clearly illustrated, story. (The characters in the story are based on characters known to the author at the time and illustrations are simply designed to enable readers to re-create characters and locations, using their own images and preferences.)
  • Gives scope to just read and enjoy the story – or to use own words with the illustrations, to tell the story in each unique and exciting way.
  • It can be ordered with or without an activity book that links with the pages in the story book.

These notes…

  • Suggest how this book can be used as a “springboard” to inspire and motivate further actions, encouraging conversations, questions, actions and research around the contents of each page. It has potential to link to the National Curriculum so schools/education centres can return as often as they want to a specific page to explore the topic on that page in more detail (e.g. gardens, dinosaurs, recycling).
  • Are designed to inspire parents, grandparents, teachers, children and families to be curious, and find out more about the issues together; so that they can confidently talk about the words and illustrations in this book from a knowledge base. It demonstrates how learning about climate change and story-telling can be a positive resource for a broader skills based, person centred learning and development.

Please contact me via my website for more information, if interested in using this book and notes as a school resource.

Contact: Marylyn Cropley via

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